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We love making ice cream because it brings people together

We love making ice cream because it brings people together. It's what wakes us up in the morning and what we think about before going to bed. We believe that a business is built around the community of people we serve. We want to pay attention to detail and build a great customer experience, and continuously improve every day. We believe that ice cream is a universal beloved and that in making a great ice cream, we allow people to come together and connect. Ice cream makes us all feel good and allow all of us to connect. All you need in life is happiness and ICE CREAM.

Our ice creams have a very creamy and rich, velvety texture

It has intense and bold flavors and a very clean finish. We build our flavor by using a complex layering process of taste, texture, and color. Our flavors are different from what you find in store because we strive to perfect the combination of taste and texture to tickle your sense of taste, smell, and visual. Our flavors are unique because we use fresh ingredients combined with the freshest cream using a best modern small batch ice cream equipment to make the freshest and most tasty and rich ice cream you have ever tried.

How it started

Anne and Danh Dang started making ice cream in their home over 7 years ago because they were dissatisfied with the flavor and freshness of the ice cream available in the grocery stores. Those ice cream were boring and artificial and lacked bold flavors. They believed that ice cream should be made from fresh local ingredients, using the best cream and milk, made fresh in small batches and shipped directly to customers to lock in the taste and texture. They made ice cream for friends, family, neighbors, and whoever was willing to try. Soon they had a big following who craved even more ice cream. Today, they want to share that ice cream with everyone so that everyone can enjoy and connect over a cone or cup of ice cream. So that's how this ice cream is now available to you in our partner stores or we can ship directly to your house for your enjoyment.